Colindale Business Solutions

About Us

Colindale Business Solutions is a group of independent consultants dedicated to the overall success of our province and more specifically Cape Breton Island. We grew up here and want to see others succeed. Our understanding of community development and small to medium sized business is extensive and want all our clients to realize that all our efforts are to ensure we help build a healthy community and/or business that will help build the economy in our region.

Based out of Port Hood, NS. we have worked or are currently working with various business sectors ranging from fishing, real estate, tourism, retail, construction, IT, security, oil & gas, logistics, and engineering amongst others. Specifically, we are capable of working on community and economic development initiatives, developing new businesses, change management, exit/succession planning, finding access to capital, business plan monitoring, business coaching, project management, and construction. Our diverse group is focused on the overall goal of developing your community and/or business to ensure it improves and succeeds.