Discount for Chamber Members at Sydco Energy

Offer Valid: 04/03/2024 - 04/03/2028
Save on Furnace Oil and Propane at Sydco Energy

Sydco Energy is please to offer all employees and members discounts on Furnace Oil and Commercial and Home Heating Propane. Please see below for the different discount offers available to you, as a customer



OPTION 1: 10 cents off - This is a per cents discount off the posted price for oil. This price fluctuates with the cash price and most regular discounts.

OPTION 2: Rack Pricing - this pricing is a cost plus price structure. This price will fluctuate daily based on the cost of furnace oil. It changes due to current market pricing.


Competitive discounted pricing for Home Heating Propane. Did you know - Sydco Propane installs propane furnaces? Inquire about switching to a cleaner burning product.

As a locally owned business, Sydco will continue striving to improve the community. Whether it be offering employees of local businesses discounted product, or contributing to community events. Sydco will keep on warming you up.

Please visit for more information and to set up your account today. Please reference CHAMBER in the notes or email.

This Member To Member Deal is promoted by Cape Breton Regional Chamber of Commerce.